viernes, 22 de febrero de 2013

Project 151's: Luria Version. Welcome to Our Project.

Hey, to all of you ladies and gents.  JamZx here:

Today starts the development of a new Pokemon Hack Game. Project 151's: Luria Version.

This game will take part after Pokemon White2/Black 2, altough it's a total new story.

Cameos may appear, be it from pokemon games or from another games, even movies unrelated to the game. And each character will have a deep insight part of the story.

Right now this project is at beta 3.0 stage.

Team Project 151 members
Te Tuhi Kelly (Founder of the Hack) (Programmer)
JamZx (Spriter) (Art Work)

We want you to work with us on the hack if you know:

Story Development
Tiles Mapping

So to finish this hack As Soon As Possible for all our fans.

Of course, all members of Project 151 will take place in the game, being themselves the character they want to be inside the game and playing the role they have the urge to play.

And also, updates every day.

Don't forget, at the end of each phase we will share beta test patch to our fans so they can grab a juicy taste of the new updates.